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  • Flexible Endoscope Accessories

  • Reusable & Disposable accessories
  • Reusable as well as disposable accessories for flexible endoscopes 

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EndoMed Systems has a wide range reusable and disposable accessories to be used with our flexible endoscopes for different purposes.

All instruments are produced according to latest technology and standards and continuously the whole processes getting monitored to ensure the product safety and reliability. We offer following accessories for our flexible endoscopes :

  • Bite Blocks and Head Straps
  • Capture Devices              
  • Air/water bottles
  • Leakage testers
  • Cleaning sets
  • Valve hole cleaning brushes
  • Working channel cleaning brushes
  • Silicone oil for valve lubrication
  • Biopsy cap, rubber type


For further details and specifications please refer to our catalogue for flexible endoscopy.