EndoMed Systems to showcase endoscopic devices at serbian congress for surgeons

The 3rd South Eastern Europe Joint Meeting of Thoracic Anesthesiologists and Surgeons and the 3rd Congress of Serbian Association of Endoscopic Surgeons is set to take place on 19. – 21. April in Belgrade, Serbia.

EndoMed Systems is excited to showcase their latest innovations. The Congress provides a unique opportunity for professionals to discuss and share their perspectives on the latest developments in laparoscopy, and network with colleagues from across the country.

We will be exhibiting our endoscopic devices at the conference, giving attendees the chance to see them in action and to learn more about their features and benefits for minimally invasive procedure . Our devices are designed to make surgery safer, more accurate, and less invasive, ultimately improving patient outcomes. At the Congress, we will be showcasing our endoscopy instruments such as our COMBO-3 system with our video processor COMBO P34, developed for gastroenterology and colonoscopy and our Laparoscopy Tower, including our ENDO FOCUS 4K. Laparoscopic surgery represents a significant improvement in patient comfort due to significantly reduced postoperative pain and also a shorter hospital stay. Our Sales Manager Mr. Salipur will also be on hand to answer any questions and to provide demonstrations of the devices.

We welcome you to visit the EndoMed Systems booth throughout the conference to learn more about the company’s devices and to speak with our representatives.