Shaver Blades

Arthroscopy Shaver Accessories

Shaver Blades

Arthroscopy Shaver Accessories
Shaver Blades

EndoMed System provide a wide range of shaver blades to be used with its own shaver systems, ENDO Shaver 6000, blades are available in different diameters in following models:


  • Aggressive full radius                         
  • Aggressive meniscus cutter                            
  • Aggressive meniscus side cutter                                             
  • Aggressive open end cutter                                        
  • Conical double full radius                                            
  • Double aggressive full radius                                      
  • Double full radius                                
  • Double meniscus cutter                                              
  • Full radius resector                                         
  • Meniscus cutter                                  
  • Oval burr                                            
  • Round burr                                         
  • Tapered burr
  • Trimmer          

For further details please refer to our arthroscopy catalogue.