Suction Pump


Suction Pump

The suction pump VACO SP120 is dedicated to endoscopic procedures. It is equipped with a special system of noise and vibration dampening for an extremely quiet and smooth operation, with an incredibly low noise level of 39,4 dB. This pump is a maintenance-free, reliable and vibration-free device. The main case  is made of very sturdy, unbreakable, fire retardant material while the pump body itself is made of aluminum alloy.
The product is cooled down with an extra fan and designed to run countinuously. The colour coded gauge enables a safe vacuum management.
The pump is equipped with overflow protection and a safety vacuum regulator.


  • Continuous run
  • Super silent device with only 39.4 dB
  • Vibration free
  • Overflow protection

Technical Specifications

Device VACO SP120
Suction Capacity
38 l /min ± 5%
Vacuum 0 - 90 kPa
Drainage 0 - 40 cmH2O
Noise Level 39.4 dB

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