laparoscopy detachable bipolar instruments

Bipolar Instruments Detachable

Bipolar instruments

The bipolar instruments are one of the essential elements in Laparoscopy for grasping, cutting and simultaneous bipolar coagulation. EndoMed Systems detachable Bipolar instruments are easy to dismantle to have different electrodes to be used with and better cleaning and repair.
The detachable instruments designed with 360° rotatable electrodes, available in 3 mm and 5 mm diameters in 3 different lengths of 200 mm, 340 mm and 450 mm. Exchangeable electrodes are available in following models.


  • Rippled bar                            
  • Fluted tip 1 mm                                   
  • Kleppinger, Serrated              
  • Tong type bit 3 mm    
  • Scissors, curved                                
  • Scissors TC blades, curved   
  • Maryland Dissector, Curved  

A wide range of cables with adapters are available for all common electrosurgical units.

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