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Trocars – Obturators and Accessories

Obturators and Accessories

EndoMed Systems produce a wide range of trocars and accessories for different purpose and application in general the type of trocars in our product range is listed as follows:

 Product Range

  • Trumpet valve trocars
  • Manual multifunctional valve trocars
  • Automatic valve trocars

Trocar tubes can be exchangeable type with different specification as listed below:

  • Metal tube smooth
  • Metal tube threaded
  • plastic tube smooth
  • plastic tube threaded

trocars are available in different diameters from 3,5 to 13 mm and length from 70 mm to 150 mm with or without one stopcock .

EndoMed Systems trocars have different accessories  as listed below:

  • Hasson cone adjustable
  • Hasson cone adjustable with suture holder
  • Hasson trocar-Stops
  • Hasson cone threaded
  • Sealing caps
  • Silicon valve

Trocar obturators also have  wide range from sharp to blunt with conical and pyramidal tip with or without protective mechanism,
for further details please refer our Laparoscopy catalogue.

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