cystoscopy resectoscopy electrodes

Resectoscopy Electrodes

Resectoscopy Electrodes

EndoMed Systems produce a wide range of Resectoscopy electrodes, monopolar electrodes are used for working elements, these electrodes enable the surgeons to remove or to cut the tissues more precisely and quickly.

Shapes and sizes

The electrodes come in various shapes and sizes:

  • Ball point electrode, 3mm                  
  • Ball point electrode, 5mm                  
  • Conical Electrode                   
  • Cutting loop, straight              
  • Knife electrode                       
  • Roller Electrode                     
  • Slit electrode, 30°                  
  • Slit electrode, 90°                  
  • Vaporization Electrode                      

For connection to ESU devices, cables for the different manufacturers are available, for further details please refer to our Urology catalogue.

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