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The high-quality arthroscopic shaver ENDO Shaver 6000 is controlled by a wireless or cable footswitch efficient, light and ergonomic hand piece enhanced by a wide range of rotational speed, designed to work with multi- and single-use shaver blades. Three oscillation modes: light, medium and aggressive, Clockwise, counterclockwise and oscillation hand piece rotation modes. A hand piece with automatic or manual lock and automatic identification of a connected hand piece and set of previously used parameters.


  • Two hand piece outputs

  • Working with various shaver blades of well-known manufacturers

  • Wireless footswitch

  • Ergonomic and Autoclavable hand piece

  • Protection against overloading of a hand piece

  • Smooth and continuous work of the motor

  • Stable oscillation mode

  • Fully controlled rotational and oscillation speed

  • Disposable and multi-use shaver blades (with no use-limits)

  • Non-volatile memory of recent settings

  • Big and clear display

  • Esthetic and modern design