laparoscopy forceps 5 mm

Instruments Forceps Ø 5 mm

Instruments Forceps Ø 5 mm

EndoMed Systems detachable laparoscopic forceps  are easy to dismantle to have different instruments  to be used with and better cleaning and repair. The detachable instruments designed with 360° rotatable, available in 5mm diameter in in 3 different lengths of 260 mm, 330 mm and
450 mm. Forceps are available in following models.


  • Alligator                                  
  • Alligator, biopsy                      
  • Allis                            
  • Babcock                                 
  • Bullet Nose with spoon            
  • Claw                           
  • Claw               
  • Cobra             
  • Collin                          
  • Debakey                                 
  • Dissecting                              
  • Dissecting Mixter                    
  • Dolphin                       
  • Dorsey                        
  • Double spoon                         
  • Duckbill                                  
  • Duval                          
  • Endo Clinch                
  • Fundus   
  • Glassmann     

Each model has straight or curve , single action or double action and different lengths of blades, instruments handle is available in 2 different models, with ratchet and without , the handles are made of reinforced plastic and isolated, for further details please refer to our Laparoscopy catalogue.                       

  • Johan        
  • Kelly
  • Knot                
  • Manhes
  • Maryland                                
  • Maryland / DeBakey               
  • Mc Kearnen                            
  • Mesentery                              
  • Mixter                         
  • Oviduct                       
  • Rat teeth, retrograde              
  • Redick Olsen, rough tooth      
  • Redick-Olsen                         
  • Retraction Grasper                 
  • Retrograde                             
  • Rough teeth                            
  • Serrated with spoon                
  • Traction                                  
  • Tumor                         
  • Wave type   

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