handles and tubes

Suction & Irrigation

handles and tubes

Suction & irrigation
handles and tubes

Suction & Irrigation are essential requirements of a Surgeon during the Laparoscopic surgery, in EndoMed Systems the wide range of Suction and irrigation handles and tubes are produced to fulfill these requirements integrated to ergonomic design to conform comfortability  to the surgeon’s handling preference with a traditional Trumpet valve or a Pistol type handles.


The handles with electrosurgical connection also available with variety of electrodes with suction & irrigation channels, the exchangeable tubes providing variety of options to the surgeon as well.
Please refer to our laparoscopy catalogue for further details, a comprehensive chapter in our Laparoscopy catalogue assigned to them.

1 Handle and 2 Functions

  • Suction-Irrigation
  • Monopolar Coagulation


  • Argonomic handle design
  • Enlarged suction channel
  • Straight passages for suction-irrigation liquid
  • Comfortable operation due to short swivel
    movement of sliding valve

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